2/2/2015 12:00 AM


Saudi Cultural Attaché welcomes  NBU  Vice- President

His Excellency, the Saudi Cultural Attaché, Prof. Mohammed bin Mfareh Al Qahtany welcomed  the NBU delegation which included Vice-President Dr. Khaled bin Abdulmuhsin Boreqa, Mr. Hindi Alenezy ,the director of the Vice-President's office, Dr. Mohammed Abalkhail, the Dean of Information Technology, and Mr. Mohammed Alkhlaiwy, his secretary. Topics which are related to contracts were discussed. Prof. Al Qahtany assured the Cultural Mission's willingness to cooperate with the university in matters related to contracting. The university delegation presented Prof. Al Qahtany, his assistant Mr. Rashid Al Nabet  and the contracting officer in the Cultual Mission Ms. Hanan Al Otaiby with certificates of appreciation and souvenirs.