5/27/2014 12:00 AM


Sponsored Rector Prof. Dr. / Said bin Omar Al- Omar on Tuesday, 23/1/1435 AH events and a workshop entitled ( PY between reality and expectations ) , which was held in a tent events at the Arab League headquarters in Arar and supervised by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, in coordination with the Deanship of the year Preparatory and attended by deans and Deanships , agents and standing committees overseeing the study plans and faculty members and the number of new students from the university , where he shared the female section of the workshop effectively targeted during the television broadcast technology .


The cast of Ma'aleh during the opening speech in which he thanked the participants and commended the efforts of large and which are the focus of respect and appreciation of the university and community members urging them to work as one team for the betterment of the reputation and standing of the university academic and achieve the aspirations of the of the elevation and scientific progress featured , then HE Dr. / Khalid Bin Mohsen paper and Vice President for academic Affairs, giving the field to attend to interact with students in all transparency , freedom and asked all those present to put forward their views and everyone should respect each opinion raises , and that is the discussion of each proposals in order to reach a practical proposals applicable aims in its entirety to give improve the actual and qualitative to put students Bimadp preparatory year , studies and support after the adoption of the recommendations and suggestions of development , formulation and agreed upon a course of action becomes so everyone starts as one team to implement it.


For their part, showed the audience in the activities of the workshop happy to participate because they found a real commitment toward discussions of the content of the meetings talk shows and we look forward to further workshops which in turn contribute to promote the concept of dialogue and the participation of the opinion where he managed HE Dr. Khaled paper and Vice President for Academic Affairs panel discussions by giving priority to students to express their views the contents of the workshop , which ranged from discussions about the plans and curricula to the circumstances of students and founded the acceptance and distribution of the different disciplines has promised happiness through coordination with the dean of the preparatory year Dr / kissed bin Salem Al -Anzi put all their findings during the workshop within the comprehensive report presented to management University and its agents in pursuit of the university administration to involve everyone actively and constructively in the process of modernization and development taking place in the university , and thanking on behalf of the Rector of all university employees who participated in the workshop, both men and women and I look forward to their participation in a series of training workshops and rehabilitative and events held by the University under the supervision of Vice President for academic Affairs, in order to develop study plans in various faculties of the university .​