5/27/2014 12:00 AM

Congratulated the Rector Prof. Dr. / Said bin Omar Al Omar daughters to university students access to advanced positions in the fifth scientific conference for students in higher education for the year

1434 AH / 1435 AH which concluded in Riyadh , wishing them progress and winning in competitions mattresses Supreme future scientific praising the efforts of the organizers of the university's participation in the

This scientific demonstration , has singled out the Rector College of Home Economics and Mnsopadtha thanked and appreciated the care and supervision of this post and good guidance for students who were the result of excellence among university faculties and therefore the level of Saudi universities .

 Where she won first place in the center of basic science and engineering ( item labels ) for bachelor's degree students included / Amani Jaidi Sekar Anzi " Investigator " Rowan and Abdul Latif Al Abdullatif

" Researcher " of the College of Home Economics , and title search , " the effect of adding crushed nuclei dates for certain foods in reducing free radicals " and the value of the prize to two students ( SR 7000 ) .

She also won the student / Iman Muhanna Fayez Al Anzi , from the College of Home Economics , sixth place in the center of the business associated ( artwork ) in the cartoon and the amount of the award ( SR 9500 ) .

The university students have participated in the Fifth Conference of students in higher education with a number of research and other posts , where nominated by the ministry , including four research one search show progressive and three research posters , in addition to a work of art and that of the finalists in the Scientific Conference of the fifth .

 The University congratulates the students and their parents , and urges the rest of the students of the university to participate in the Sixth Scientific Conference of the student in the next academic year .

The face of the Rector stimulate students to participate and innovation awards and incentives and distinctive value and represent the university locally and internationally to meet the university distinguishes between Saudi universities through the excellence of its students​