In the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious

Peace and blessings be upon you, we welcome you, dear visitors of the Northern Border University 's website.

The NBU main branch is located  in Arar City, while the other two branches are in the cities of Turaif and Rafha. It is a growing university, with ambitions and determination derived from the strong faith in Allah's assistance then the huge support of our  wise government. All our great achievements were originally great dreams; because when we had faith in our goals , the aspiration  to fulfill them, logistic support and the sincere will, goals were achieved.

The NBU seeks to graduate generations of young men and women who will serve their nation and who will be able to meet the demands of their country in general and the Northern Borders territory in specific in all fields of jobs. We also seek to achieve the terms and conditions of the academic quality assurance and accreditation.

In order to achieve what we look for, we attempt to develop the NBU to be a distinguished educational institution among national universities as well as international ones. This can only be achieved through the extra care given to the students, the process of selecting excellent lecturers, using modern curricula and textbooks and  advanced teaching technologies, energizing scientific research, and staying up-to-date with innovations in the fields of curricula and educational technology  in international universities. We are part of this world, we are affected with what is going on in it, and we seek hard to do so.

We ask all the NBU employees, lecturers and administrators , to work as hard as they can to develop the university, and to help it pioneer and excel, by which we  serve our beloved country and we obey Allah's order to us to master all that we do.

As to our students, you stand at the threshold of a new era, into which only the well-qualified access. The world  of today is a place full of knowledge , and the means to get such knowledge is ready for everybody to use. You lack neither the purpose nor the determination nor the faith. We are not a novel nation we are the descendants of a great, deep-rooted civilization. Eeven though we lost our splendor for some time, we are coming back.


May Allah guide us to all that is good and true. May Allah keep our country and its guardians from all that is harmful and evil.


President  of the Northern Border University

Prof. Sa'eed bin Omar Al Omar         ​