Praise be to Allah, I praise him - almighty and most majesty - plenty and blessed praises, and I send the best of salutations upon our Prophet Muhammad may Allah exalt his mention.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the official Northern Border University website that aims to raise awareness of all University sectors and to achieve the leadership and excellence in the fields of education and learning, scientific research and community service.

As a vice rector and under the directions of the University Rector, Professor Sa'eed Omar Al Omar, we seek to achieve the aspirations of our government under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques –may God protect him- in serving the homeland and the citizen through strategies that ensure the sustainable development, while following the quality standards in all our affiliated deanships and sectors to perform their tasks with high efficiency that will be reflected on the overall performance of the University.

We are pleased to welcome you all to the Vice Rector webpage that introduces us and our affiliated sectors and their tasks, achievements and future plans.

Finally, we are pleased to receive your opinions, suggestions and questions on our email: vicepresident@nbu.edu.sa.


The Vice Rector:

Professor Ibrahim Hasan Al-Zahrani