​​Speech of His Excellency the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science in Rafha

Dr. Malla Mosad Malaby​​

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

​I am pleased to welcome you on the website of the Faculty of Arts and Science through which the faculty and its administrative structure  will be introduced as well as its vision, message and goals that it endeavor to achieve.

The faculty is committed to secure an honorable and a pioneering place by the efforts of the academic and the administrative cadres.  

In accordance with these principles, the faculty seeks to improve the intellectual and the scientific temperament of the students. The faculty is dedicated to offer its various academic programs conforming with the local and international standards of Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation.  It aims to teach courses that helps serving the region and addresses the needs of the Saudi society guaranteeing that the output would secure these needs. The faculty takes into account the importance of the social service that made it offer various programs and activities that contribute to raise the level society in terms of intellect and knowledge.

Last but not least, I implore Allah He helps us achieve the set goals and that would be a window of effective communication with everybody with credibility and transparency and would offer all what contributes to the service of the society with any hurdles.