In this era of scientific renaissance, which is underway in the Kingdom, guided by the custodian of the two holy mosques, college of pharmacy was founded in the Northern Border Region, to be one of the pinnacles of science to graduate competent clinical Pharmacists as per international standards, equipped with Islamic values, educated and trained by a distinguished expert cadre of diverse nationalities.

The continuous full support offered by the top university administration, which plans to make college of pharmacy, an example of clinical pharmacy education, has motivated students to join the college. Moreover, Rafha governate, as a site for the college, is an appropriate selection due to the tranquil and fine weather that renders the environment conducive for students to learn and achieve outstanding results.

The college is progressing confidently in the field of scientific research in various pharmaceutical disciplines for the development of clinical pharmacy education. High quality research articles have been published in scholarly journals. In addition, the college strives earnestly to interact with local communities to provide pharmaceutical care services via its public service centers.

The college spares no effort to provide extra-mural activities so that the students acquire skills, positive behavioral and responsible attitudes towards their society.

The college administration and members of the teaching staff consistently do their utmost to graduate efficient and skilled pharmaceutical professionals who do not only take part in the discovery and formulation of drugs, but also participate actively in direct patient care and in the enhancement of health services in the Kingdom.

Ahmed Alshrari, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy​