It is no secret that the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques supports the march of university education, its development and advancement, and overcoming all the obstacles that stand in its way.

In view of the need of the city of Rafha and neighboring villages to abandon the opportunities for higher education, the Council of Higher Education took its 38th session held on 1426/05, 26 Decision No. 1426/38/10, which stipulates the following:
Approval of the establishment of the community college in Rafhaa, which includes the following sections:
Department of Administrative Sciences
Department of Computer Science
Department of Engineering Sciences
- Department of Applied Medical Sciences
- Basic Sciences

And the opening of these departments according to the possibilities available to the university, and in accordance with the needs of the labor market. The agreement was signed by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Prime Minister and the President of the Council of Higher Education.
The community college in Rafha is one of the faculties of the Northern Frontier University. It cares about the society in terms of providing the labor market with the special skills it needs. It provides bridges of cooperation between the university education institutions and the society in its public and private sectors and keeps pace with the labor market. The College has many scientific departments. The College provides academic services to all segments of the society, which meets the needs of the labor market and provides it with highly trained and qualified national competencies.
The College is also keen to support national cadres of students and students, and is trying hard to provide modern technology of software and hardware and other services.
In the light of scientific progress and progress, the College has expanded its modern scientific programs in the computer science and administrative sciences to suit the needs of the labor market.
The programs offered at the College offer students the opportunity to continue their post-diploma studies through the system of bridging the parallel scientific departments of the University.
All of this is a contribution from the community college in serving the country and citizens and spreading the knowledge to all groups of society.
In order to keep pace with the developments and under the supervision of His Excellency Dr. Saeed bin Omar Omar, the university's director, to communicate with the community, it was necessary to have a website so that the browser can see the news of the college and the information it wants in the easiest and easiest way.

Dr. Muqbil bin Ayed al - Anzi
Dean of Community College in Rafhaa