​​Praise be to Allah! Peace be upon Prophet Mohammed and his Companions!

In beginning, Faculty of Sciences & Arts in Turaif set out as a limited college.

In 1433H, the establishment of faculty has been approved. Currently, the faculty is continuing to grow and improve and is stepping forward towards development, construction, and community service. Also, it aims at achieving its intended goals with the assistance of Allah, then the assistance of the country's and university's supervisors, particularly through the efforts exerted by His Excellency the University Director.

They aim at providing the country with Saudi proficiencies and experiences that have been scientifically qualified. Likewise, the qualification shpuld depend on the deep-seated Islamic principles. Based on the academic and administrative objectives of Northern Border University (NBU), the faculty administration paid particular attention to the improvement and development of its administrative and academic aspects in order to achieve its goals. Such aspects play part in the success of the university's developmental plans and encourage its members to rise up to the highest degrees of civilization. Also, they participate in facilitating all work processes and serve all work sectors.

Faculty of Sciences & Arts in Turaif is pleased to present, through its website, its mission, objectives, organizing hierarchy, departments, specializations, study plans, scientific degrees, and staff member information. In addition, the website gives a clear image of the faculty's role, activities, and future vision. It also aims at achieving constant contact between the faculty members, including staff members, students and workers, and the university's other faculties. The faculty is looking forward to following up the students' creative suggestions that emerge from constructive thinking and dialogue that aims at enrich and improve the website.

May Allah be our Support.