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         Dr. Homoud had a dynamic career throughout his professional career. He overcame several challenges in his academic, professional and intellectual careers. He has been pioneer in the management and administration of various departments, deanships and colleges. He has a diversified personality to get adapted to various professions, portfolios & administrative positions. Presently, Dr. Homoud has working as Dean, Science, Arts & Community Colleges, Turaif. He has been working on the current position since 10th of Ramazan 1435. He has been on the additional charge of Community College Turaif since 24th of Rabi-ul-Thani 1435. Prior to this he had been on the position of Dean, Library Affairs since 25th of Rabi-ul-Thani 1433 to 24th Rabi-ul-Thani 1435 for the consecutive period of 2 years. For a year about, he held the charge of Deputy Dean, Library of Affairs from 18th of Shaban 1432 to 25th of Rabi-ul Thani 1433 at Northern Border University Arar Campus. Earler he held the post of Head of Department in Physical Education Department of Nothern Border University (Teachers' College) Arar Campus for approximately a year from 3rd of Ramadhan 1425 to 11th of Zilhajj 1426.  He was Administrator Public Relations at Teachers College Arar 25th of Zilhajjah 1424 to 24th of Zilhajjah 1426 for a period of two years. Apart from this he has been an Assistant Professor at College of Education & Arts, since 9th of Zilhajjah 1431 to Date. Prior to this he was Lecturer since 25th of Zilhajj 1424 at Teachers College, Arar. Before this, he was a Teacher Assistant in College of Education, Physical Training & Sports, Riyadh.

           He had a variety of interests in both physical and intellectual fields of study. He did his Doctorate of Philosophy in Sports Management from University of Malaya-Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia in 2010. Earlier in 2003 he did his Master in Movement Science from King Saud University. He did his Bachelor in Physical Education in 1999 from King Saud University.

       Dr. Homoud has produced more than a dozen researches on physical, psychological and social growth of youth and their performance. His researches are for the growth and maturity of contemporary youth in terms with their physical, athletic and intellectual development.

       Apart from research, administration and academic growth, Dr. Homoud is an active member of several committees in the administration Turaif Colleges. He is also member of several committees of planning, coordination and management of Northern Border University.

         He has participated and delivered in several trainings & workshops on various academic-professional subjects, in Norther Border University and outside the university in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and In Malaysia during his stay as a scholar there. He remains active in several academic, professional and intellectual activities.