​​​​​​Theses: ​
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​Doctorate of Philosophy

Leisure and delinquency among male adolescents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



​Master​ of Science​

 The effect of peer presence upon the physical fitness tests for the blind and sighted elementary school students.

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Publications (Academic Journals):
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​​​1​​Alanazi,H. M. N.(January 2016) Role of Warming-up in Promoting Athletes Health and Skills. International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 6, Issue 1: 156 -160.1.pdf


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Published Abstracts:
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​1​Aouadi, R., Alanazi, H. M., Arbi, Z., Aouidet, A & Hamdaoui, M. H. (2015) Effect of an aerobic training programme in older adults (over 45 years of age) with type 2 diabetes. Fundam​ental & Clinical Pharmacology. 29(1): 47-61.
​2​​Aouadi, R., Alanazi, H. M., Ben Mansour, A, and  Aouidet, A. (2015)The effect of physical exercise on reactive time and cognitive function in Tunisian mental deficient adolescents.  Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology. 29(1): 62-77.​​​