I am delighted and honored to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine at the Northern Border University in  Arar  city in Northern Border Region of Saudi Arabia, which was established in 1428, 2007. The number of students who are studying currently are more than 400 students and the Faculty of Medicine in the first college in northern border region and taught by students from all over the K SA. The college based in its use of the latest scientific methods in teaching and scientific methods in teaching to graduate doctors with international standards  under the supervision of faculty members.

The college administration is making great efforts to work on raising the level of the educational process and develop it  through making partnerships and agreements with international universities in Europe and North America to keep up with global development and  to access local and global Academic Accreditation.

Dear browser that we are in the College of Medicine emphasizes that the quality of education is not only a target, but it is also a supreme value we seek to establish in all curricula and levels, and instilling of the desire in lifelong learning is what we are seeking in graduates of our college through the creative ways and we are keen to link the students of medicine with community service and social health needs and to encourage scientific research, which leads to get to the innovative ways in diagnosis and treatment, especially for common diseases in the community, and we have passed important establishing stage and we will graduate the first batch of doctors in the next academic year.

Finally, the web site can allow browsers to recognize the depth of the college and its departments and members of the faculty and their various activities that revolved in our college and its outputs.