The changes taking place in our world today , and that is accelerating its pace, and diverge fields require the development of objectives, strategies and ambitions of organizations and institutions - especially educational ones - so that they can cope and adapt to the nature and pace of change in the areas of knowledge and information and technological systems of quality and excellence.

In this sense College of Business Administration seeks - as an integral part of the educational system of the University of the Northern Border - to keep the wheel of development and modernization to reach excellence and leadership through the implementation of quality systems in all aspects of academic and institutional capacity to improve the outcomes of education in line with the needs of the community and the requirements of the labor market in light of the variables of globalization and information technology and the steady development technical.

So the college is working to consolidate the students' awareness of the scientific concepts of management and entrepreneurship and the development of cognitive and personal skills as well as raising awareness of career development and refinement of operational capabilities needed by graduates of excellence and competition in the sectors of work private and government alike.

The main objective of the College which originate from the University of Northern Border message is to build a learning environment typical distinct in terms of programs, curricula and school systems to produce high-efficiency cadres able to serve their country and actively participate in the process of construction and overall development.

In addition to the quality and excellence of the educational process, the College of Business Administration is working to expand its role in serving the community at the local and, national levels through the contribution of researchers and their research and innovation of scientific and applied research aimed at identifying the problems facing the various social, economic and regulatory sectors, and finding appropriate solutions.

To achieve these goals, the college is endeavor to use the best means of educational and technical , and modern organizational methods and benefit from the pioneer experiences by attracting competent professionals; to remain in the field of regenerative competition and continuous development that meets the social and economic requirements constantly changing in light of the continuous generous support by our good government, that has made education and human development focal point of economic and social development plans.

Dean of the College

Dr. Sultan Bin Agla Al-Murshid