1/23/2014 12:00 AM

Announces the admission and registration at the University of the northern border that will be recorded schedules of students on Thursday, 03/22/1435 AH
Where it can be for students found on their schedules courses at this date and they can make an adjustment to their schedules of study and implementation of the deletions and added starting on Thursday, 22/3/1435 AH to the end of the day Sunday, 25/03/1435 AH, and when needed review of their faculties in order to end on Thursday, 29 / 3/1435 AH, and to all students, school attendance, starting on Sunday, 03/25/1435 AH.

For students of the preparatory year print their schedules starting on Thursday, 22/03/1435 AH and attend the induction program according to the schedule prepared by the Preparatory Year Deanship.
And all students must adhere to these appointments will end where all the additions and modify tables at the end of business on Thursday, 03/29/1435 AH.

With sincerest wishes for all success.