All Praise and Thanks be to Allah, and peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad and all his companions.

Under the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah preserve him, education has been given much attention. With the establishment of Arar Teachers’ College, the demand for education increased in the region. The college was established as a natural result of development of education in the Kingdom, and the study started in 1408/1409 AH. Till 1428 AH, it was under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education. Since then, the college has assumed the responsibility of building up, preparing and producing generations of efficient teachers in different majors, who carried the torch of science teaching students in primary, preparatory and secondary stages. Some graduates pursued their postgraduate studies and obtained the doctoral degree and they are currently among the teaching staff in the college. Others are part of the teaching staff of affiliated NBU faculties, or of other universities. Fourteen of its graduates are PHD holders and are now deans, vice-deans of NBU supportive deanships, heads of departments, or College Board members. Some of the elite college graduates have held leading posts in different educational directorates. Moreover, the college has contributed to the saudization of educational jobs in the region from 5 % in inauguration (1408/1409 AH) up to 100% currently (1435 AH). At first, the temporary headquarters of the college was Sa’eed Ibn Al-Musayeb Preparatory School, al-Musa’idia, city of Arar. In its first year, the college had 9 teaching staff members, 120 students and 18 postgraduates. Gradually, these numbers increased so that the teaching time was from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Some extra classes of King Fahd School were also used as an annex.

With the increasing number of students, the temporary buildings became inadequate. Consequently, our government in a quick and generous move, gave the order of establishing an independent building for the college along the International Airport Road. The college moved to its new (current) headquarters after the completion of its new independent campus, and the study started there at the outset of the second semester, 1415 AH. Since then, there has been an ongoing significant process of development year in year out. In 1428 AH, the college was annexed to the regional branch of King Abdulziz University. After the sublime decree of establishing the Northern Borders University, the college has been restructured into the College of Education and Arts, with new study plans and majors that comprise Islamic studies, Arabic language, special education, languages and translation, in addition to the diploma unit, and educational courses unit. Upgrading and modernizing processes are underway in conformity to the international quality standards. The current location of the college and its annexes are the current temporary campus until it moves into the new campus within the few coming months.

Noteworthy, the colleges of teachers, colleges of education for girls, and the community colleges throughout the regions and governorates of the Kingdom have been incorporated into the Saudi universities at the administrative, financial and academic levels. They have been also restructured acting on the order of the Minister of Higher Education, no. (576) in 29/3/1428 AH, based on the sublime royal approval no. (3030) in 3/3/1428 AH approving the decree of the Higher Education Council no. 6/5/1428 AH, which has been issued in session no. 45 in 18/1/1428 AH.