Dean of Student Affairs launched as supporting Deanship since the establishment of the University of the Northern Border in 1427 and honored by Allah Almighty through it to serve students who are the backbone of the university and the future of the nation and for them colleges and various facilities are founded.

Dean seeks to provide optimal campus environment, and take care of all students through the provision of services, programs and various activities of your intrest in order to achieve your aspirations to rise together through you, my sons and daughters to the ranks of distinguished universities.

My brothers and sisters affliated to the Deanship

The Dean of Student Affairs of the University considered the real interface with students and with all sectors of society, and this makes us all feel the enormous responsibility entrusted to us to deliver everything we have in order to serve the students of the University of the Northern Border.

Dean of Student Affairs

Dr. Maan bin Muhammad al-Madani