Since the establishment of The Deanship for Postgraduate Studies, the Northern Border University (NBU) in 1432 AH to date, in line with the vision and mission of the NBU, within the general plan of the Ministry of Higher Education and the regional plan, the deanship works side by side with other deanships to achieve distinction and local and regional leadership in the various academic fields, so as to promote the northern border region and help solve its problems. This can be achieved through the conducting of studies and research, as well as creating a spirit of creativity and innovation in the ambitious residents of the region, and qualifying society members with sufficient knowledge and methods of its acquisition.

The Deanship for Postgraduate Studies has indeed started a master degree in Arabic language, which is one of the best programs on the local and regional levels as testified by all, considering the highly-qualified staff who teach in this program; they are indeed the elite.

Our hopes and aspirations are great and our future will be better thanks to the cooperation exerted by individuals and institutions.


The Dean of Postgraduate Studies

Khallaf Mutlaq al-Shammeri