In the Name of Compassionate, Almighty God. Praise be to Allah, and Peace and Blessings be upon noblest of the Prophets and Messengers, Prophet Muhammad and his family and all his Companions.

In line with the important scientific research and its strategic and pivotal role in forming the knowledge industry, the promotion and progress of societies, and in pushing forward the development march, the deanship of scientific research at the Northern Border University is focusing all its efforts on the service and development of research process in many fields, and on supporting the talented people and inventors through presenting  various programmes that further development and scientific research, and which directly serve the local community.

           Under the international accelerated pace of technical and scientific development, and the powerful competition, the Deanship of Scientific Research seeks to cope with these changes through enhancing acquisition of knowledge and providing an optimum research milieu which motivates ingenuity and distinction in scientific research.

Furthermore, the deanship aims at developing a sustainable scientific research process which helps the strategic trend of the university, with the purpose of proceeding with the technology and knowledge drive. This is achieved through boosting scientific partnerships, investments in research, ingenuity and creativity; and through scientific communication, and exchange of expertise and experiments among the scientific institutions at the local, regional and international levels, in order to take part in achieving the comprehensive development all over our dear home country.