In the name of God the Merciful

Praise be to Allah , and prayers and peace be upon the noblest of Good prophets and messengers , our Master and Prophet Mohammed bin Abdullah and his family and companions .


God says : " ... and help one another in righteousness and piety, and do not cooperate in sin and aggression and fear Allah, for Allah is severe in punishment * " Surah verse (2) .

    I was born the University of Northern Border modest quiet , like other Saudi universities , and is now growing , and accelerate the pace towards the development and construction , and community service , and achieve higher goals are assigned to it , thanks to God first, and then the officials in our government , led by the Rector of the University and its agent and forces human working in silence found and diligence , and consistency and coolness to defy the odds and overcome obstacles , to reach out to safety.

      Was Hmthm seeks to meet the needs of competencies , and experiences Arabia qualified scientifically recently , with the construction of this qualification on the solid foundations of the Islamic religion which was favored by God to us, and on that basis and the objectives of the Northern Territory University academic and administrative cared Deanship university studies to improve the university environment in all its various aspects , and development and upgrading, even achieve its goals with a high level of quality and efficiency ; service employees of the university , they contribute a greater share in the success of development plans at the university , and pay its employees for the advancement to the highest degree of civilization , progress and upgrading of human thought , they also contribute to the facilitation of all transactions and service all sectors .

This comes in response to the march of development in the country , and to strive towards leadership in providing high-quality education in all disciplines ; to achieve the requirements of the march continued humanitarian , and the movement of the continuing life ; and provide the labor market, the terms of reference quality , contribute to linking the university community supported international quality standards high , and that Bminsobhe worthy .

Based on the three- represented in active : Plans to improve performance , and training programs , and activities of multiple objectives , and a variety of directions, and guided to do so under the guidance of the Rector , and the strategic plan to achieve the desired goals for a bright future , God willing .

In conclusion, we can only say :

Do not ride on the glory of riding Alkhtara **** did not receive Ela feet of Alhdhira

And who wants Ela Sorry tirelessly spent **** did not haunt of perception and of them all

Dean of University Studies

D . Mona El-Shazly girl Ramadan​