Researchers and practitioners in the field of training and development of performance recognizes the critical impact caused by the training and how it is a cornerstone and strategic choice to anyone looking to prepare human cadres distinct and able to meet the work needs in light of what the world is witnessing, rapid developments in various fields especially in the technology and information, and the explosion of knowledge in the world of communication, and in the light of this, an urgent need to renew and develop training services through its ability to provide new technologies and equipment and expertise of trainers able to provide the highest levels of training in various fields of technical , administrative, engineering , finance, health and language programs.

Thus it can contribute in the preparation and construction of manpower administratively and technically and cultivate efficiency and quality to meet the requirements of the labor market , and we at the Deanship of Community Service and Continuing Education, are keen to provide training programs and qualifying multiple and diverse for all the institutions of the community to raise the productivity of workers in all areas by providing the knowledge, skill and good administrative behavior, with provision of training that achieve the needs of the trainee and the values ​​of the Saudi labor market.


Praying to ALLAH for help and guidance

Dr. Gasser bin Jareed Al- Anzi