10/15/2015 10:00 AM


Turaif (KSA): Deanship of e-Learning & Distance Learning at Northern Border University (NBU) organized a 2-day long Blackboard Learn Training Program at Turaif Campus. While welcoming the participating faculty members from Department of English Language Instruction; Turaif College for Science & Arts (Male Campus) and Community College (Male Campus), Dean of e-Learning & Distance Learning at NBU, Dr. Ahmed Alenezi assured them for all the supports they sought from his Deanship
Dr. Ahmed Alenezi highlighted value of modern technology in the academic sector while he addressed the participating faculty members. He explained the benefits of e-Learning education system through use of Blackboard LMS in NBU for smart teaching and learning solutions. 
This exclusive training was designed to keep the faculty members abreast of the basics of Blackboard Learn; Blackboard Collaborate and Course Management. Trainers of this session Mr. Krishna K. Shahi trained Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate while Mr. Rafiq Ur Rahman trained Content Management to participating faculty members. They involved them in practical interactive sessions to use this LMS and enjoy effective teaching experience through applying e-Learning tools in NBU. Mr. Asif Anwar Alig assisted both during the entire training session. 
Participating faculty members were trained to create accounts on Blackboard through following different steps to teach the students. This practical training session helped faculty members obtain countless benefits of e-Learning methods through Blackboard from basic operation of accounts to getting connected to the rest users or easy monitoring of student activities and other viable options like listing events and scheduling tests besides student-teacher connectivity. 
This training session concluded with a thanksgiving remark by the Dean of Deanship Community & Sciences at Turaif Campus, Dr. Homoud Mohammed Nawi Alanazi. He thanked the Deanship of e-Learning team for such innovative training ideas for that campus. 
Coordinator for this training at Turaif Campus, Mr. Muhammad Aqeel Muhammad Nazir assisted trainers and ensured that every participating faculty member actively participated in the training session. They were pleased that such comprehensive training sharpened their knowledge to save time and energy besides easy connectivity with students to help them learn more. They further expected that Deanship of e-Learning would organize similar such trainings in their campus in the near future as well.