10/28/2015 12:00 AM


Deanship of e-Learning & Distance Learning organizes Lectora Training for Faculty & Staff 
Arar & Rafha, KSA: Dean of Deanship of e-Learning & Distance Learning at Northern Border University (NBU), Dr. Ahmed Alenezi welcomed a Lectora trainer in the 3-day training session held in the Deanship lab in Arar and Rafha campuses respectively. Held for 2 days in Arar while 3rd and concluding day in Rafha campus, faculty members took keen interest in attending this training.

Focused to know unique features of Lectora development tools in e-Learning education system, this training explained the faculty members to learn this authoring software which Trivantis Corporation developed for the diverse education management needs. It makes creation of online training courses, assessments and presentations hassle-free.

Benefits of Lectora include effective conversion of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in e-Learning contents for thorough student engagement. Faculty members from NBU's different deanships and colleges attended interactive session. They discussed content development solutions through Lectora authoring software with the trainer like how they are published in ease on the multiple outputs such as HTML, Single File Executable and CD-ROM amongst others.

Faculty members were briefed about Lectora content compliance with e-Learning education standard tools SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) to AICC (Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee) to name a few. This training highlighted how content created in Lectora is highly compatible with standards-based learning management system (LMS) available before us.

Focus of this training remained on the Lectora features to enable the users to utilize wide range of multi-media files for the creation of engaging contents. Faculty team was made aware of single-click publishing to web-ready dynamic HTML, CD, single file executable, SCORM and AICC learning standards without any need for a programming knowledge tool as Lectora has many typical features.

This training session was a valuable addition of practical training to use Lectora in the e-Learning education system. Faculty members attending the training found it highly useful. They appreciated the efforts of the Deanship of e-Learning & Distance Learning at NBU for this innovative initiative.