3/24/2016 12:00 AM

Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies Planned a Visit for its Students to the Anti-drug Directorate of the Northern Border Region

By the directives of the Dean of the Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, Dr. Moqbil Ben Salem Al-Enzi, the Student Counseling Unit at the Deanship has planned a students' visit to the Anti-drug Directorate of the Northern Border Region in Arar, on Tuesday 13-6-1437h. At this visit, Mr. Ameed Al-Enzi, the supervisor of anti-drug awareness at the Anti-drug Directorate of the Northern Border Region in Arar, gave a lecture on the concept of drugs, its spread in the region, the problems caused by them, people suffering their effects, their effects on family members as well as the society, and the penalty on those who have or sell it.

During the meeting, a number of leaflets were distributed with a CD comprising counseling material on the harms of drugs such as hashish, cocaine, heroin, and alcohol, the ways to protect oneself, and the possibility of treatment in specialized centers belonging to Al-Amal  Mental Health compound in the Northern Border Region. A video was shown explaining drug  risks and the spread ratio, smuggling routes, the quantity of drugs caught by the General Directorate of Drug Control, and the efforts of the kingdom to eliminate drugs.

At the end of the lecture, a chance was given to students to ask questions and hear answers to their questions. This was followed by taking the Preparatory Year students on a tour inside the anti-drug exhibition with officials of the Directorate and members of the Students Counseling Unit.

The students expressed their thanks to the officials of the Directorate for their guidance and useful information. This visit was a part of the cooperation program between the Anti-drug Directorate and the Northern Border University.​

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