3/6/2016 12:00 AM

His Highness the Dean of the Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies patrons the Close of PY Table Tennis Championship (3)

​Under the sponsorship of His Highness, the Dean of the PY and Supportive Studies, Dr. Moqbil bin Salem Al-enazi, and with the attendance of the Students' Activities Unit at the Deanship, along-with the Media and Public relations Unit, His Highness closed the PY Championship of (Table Tennis 3) in all campuses, Ar'ar, Rafha, and Turaif. The Championship, which was organized by the Students' Activities Unit, was closed on Tuesday 28/05/1437 at 11:10 am in the Sports Hall of the Faculty of Medicine.

His Highness honoured the first two ranks of winners in Ar'ar. However, winners in other campuses were honoured by their own supervisors and vice deans. Fifty students from Ar'ar male campus participated in this championship. In addition, Rafha counterparts were 22 students. Lastly, Turaif participants were only 11 in number. The events continued for a week, from 21/05 to 28/05/1437H.

Students expressed their happiness for these activities and for the honourable ceremony which pushed them to be more creative and innovative.

Edited by

Media and Public Relations Unit

Deanship of PY and SS.