9/4/2014 12:00 AM

​Introductory program for new students comes to an end

Activities of the introductory program for new students ended today, 9th/11/1435 H. The program was intensive, and has been held by the Unit of Students Guidance at the Deanship of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies. This program has been fully followed-up by His Excellency Professor (Dr.) Sa'ed Bin Omar A'Al Omar, the Rector of the University, and His Excellency Dr. Khalid Borqah, the Vice-Rector (Academic Affairs), supervised directly by His Excellency Dr .Moqbil Bin Salem Al-enazi, the Dean of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, who delivered a speech to the new students, on Sunday, 5th/11/1435 H. Dr. Moqbil talked about all aspects of the university life and elaborated to the students the vision for their future - what kind of duties they have to do and what kind of rights they have at the university. The Dean also congratulated the students for the new college year and wished them a purposeful and advantageous life ahead. His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Wardat, Head of the Unit of Students Guidance, and Mr. Ibraheem al-Faqeeh gave a lecture titled "Preparing Students for Studying and University Life." Concerning the students' activities, Dr. Walled Al-Jarrah, Head of the Unit of Students' Activities, gave a lecture on the nature of students' activities to show how they can effectively participate in such activities. The Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Al-Shareef gave a lecture on getting information and reading, the services of subscribing in the Digital Library, and the services of borrowing books and the computerized system. The Deanship of E-learning and teaching also participated in these events.