10/21/2015 12:00 AM

His Excellency the President of Northern Border University in an open meeting with the new male and female Students of the University
       It is clear that the University represented by His Excellency the University President Professor Dr. Saeed bin Omer Al-Omer is interested in direct communication with the students. For that reason, he held a meeting, on Tuesday, 8\1\1437 in the Theater of the University with those students and listened to their opinions and suggestions and discussed the problems they usually face. The meeting was attended by Their Excellencies, deans and vice-deans of the university and transmitted through video conference. At the beginning of the meeting, the University President welcomed all those who attended the meeting, expressing his happiness in the meeting that embodied the university interest in the continuous communication with the students. The President assured that the University would listen to the students' requests and remarks. "You, students, represent the urban behavior and reflect a radiant image of the university and the community. We hope the university can help you to affect the community in your turn. We accept the positive, constructive criticism. We work on facilitating the difficulties you encounter. We aim at helping you reach a promising future through providing you with all means of comfort, and the necessary facilities and services”, His Excellency said. His Excellency has always shown his interest through all of these because this reflects the university image and its message in providing educational services, societal services and researches on all various levels. This is to prepare trained and qualified graduates that come in accordance with the labor market requirements besides providing  comfortable academic atmospheres so that the students can study and practice their interests and hobbies. This cannot be achieved unless the students show their diligence, hard work, and perseverance. The students must be committed to attending lectures on time and have a look at the university discipline and instructions lists. Also, the students should have a look on the study plan which students can get benefit from. Moreover, the president has focused on the importance of participating in various activities that form the students’ personality to discover their hobbies. His Excellency, the University President has indicated that the university always seeks distinction. This is achieved through developing the college's programs. His Excellency added that the University hopes to achieve students’ wishes in perfect or ideal programs which reflect the quality of the outcomes. His Excellency added that the university is glad for achieving the second rank, represented by the faculty of medicine on the level of all Saudi Universities in this field. He extended his thanks to the Scouts Club who has ranked first in providing good services for pilgrims during this Hajj season 1436. The club has won 20 prizes. This encourages the University to establish a Scout Camp that will be an entertaining centre for the University staff, his Excellency promised.

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