3/21/2016 12:00 AM

The Deanship of the PY and Supportive Studies arranges for a students' visit to Anti-Smoking Clinic

From among the events of the "Smoke-Free University" project, and with the direction of the Dean of PY and Supportive Studies, Dr. Moqbil ben Salem Al-enazi , the Students' Activities Unit arranged for a visit to the Anti-Smoking Clinic in Ar'ar on Tuesday 28/05/1437.

Dr.   Ahmad   Najib   Abdul   Rahman,   the   Director   of   the   anti-smoking program in  the Department of Health  Affairs, previewed a  documentary film which revealed the enormous number of deaths caused by smoking as well as photos of body organs affected by cancer and caused by smoking, which drew the attention of the audience.

By the end of the meeting, students were given the chance to discuss and ask questions which were answered. Later, students had the chance to go around the clinic in the presence of those responsible.

Students thanked all the employees in the clinic for the priceless information they had introduced.

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Deanship of PY and Supportive Studies