11/18/2014 12:00 AM

​The launch of PY Volleyball Championship 1 [first semester 1435/1436 H]

Volleyball Championship Cup 1 for the Preparatory Year was launched on Tuesday 25/01/1436, as part of the activities at the Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies under the supervision and benign presence of the Dean of the Preparatory Year Dr. Moqbel Bin Salem Al Enzi, who inaugurated the tournament and encouraged participation of students in the tournament with diligence and fair competition to win the championship cup. The tournament was held at the gym of the Faculty of Medicine for a full week, beginning from 25.01.1436. Twelve teams comprising of ten players each (a total of 120 students from the Preparatory Year) participated in the matches. The tournament was based on one-time knockout system. The final match will be held on next Tuesday, 03/02/1436 to determine the winning teams, that is, the champion, the runner-up, the ideal team and the best player.