12/1/2014 12:00 AM

​​The awareness campaign for 'the importance of self-examination and early detection of breast cancer' ​

The awareness campaign for 'the importance of self-examination and early detection of breast cancer' was synchronized with the International Day for Fight against Breast Cancer, under the patronage of Dr. Moqbil Ben Salem Al-Enezi, the Dean of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, on Tuesday, 25-1- 1436 H, from 10.00 am to 12.00 pm, at Girls' Colleges at all the three branches of the Preparatory Year - Arar, Rafha, and Turaif.

At the Girls' section, Arar, a campaign was held under the auspices of the Dean of the Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Muna Bint Ramadan Alshathely, in cooperation with the Committee for Women's Health, at Arar and the Zahra Association, which bring awareness to fight against breast cancer. In addition, both, the coordinator of Students' Activities Unit, Dr. Ameera Abdullah Miqlid, and the coordinator of Sports Activities at the deanship Dr. Maryam Majed Aldmoor, organized the events of the program under the slogan "Tamnina Annek" and equipped the theatre with some decorations.

The celebration consisted of the following:

- Welcome and introduction, followed by recitation of Quran.

- A word of welcome to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Muna Bint Ramadan Alshathely.

- A speech by Dr. Maisaa Mohammad Assalem, the Coordinator of Zahra Association.

- This was followed by a speech by the chairperson of the Women's Commission Dr. Manal Bint Ramadan alshathely.

- A power-point presentation by Dr. Maryam Majed Aldmoor. She talked about the importance of exercise in general and the importance of exercise for breast cancer in particular, before and after the disease, during the treatment of breast cancer and after the treatment of the disease.

- Dr. Muna Bint Ramadan Alshathely had an educational awareness lecture for the Campaign "Tamnina Annek". The lecture was entitled "breast cancer and the importance of self-examination and the strategy for early detection."

- The lecture was followed by a real-life story on the challenges of facing this disease. This was introduced by one of the Professors from the faculty of Arts and Education.

- The programme was concluded by distributing Cancer Signs and Brochures.

The Campaign was accompanied by the opening of an art exhibition under the slogan "Tamnina Annek" – organized by Dr. Ameera Abdullah Muqallad, the coordinator of Students' Activities Unit. The exhibition included the following:

  • A range of brochures, booklets, designs, posters which aim to bring educational awareness among students to be more careful with themselves. It also aims to urge the students to be aware of the need of early screening and of the causes of the disease, its symptoms and prevention methods.
  • A group of paintings that showed what this cancer is, and the most important symptoms of this decease.
  • A range of technical models made from raw foam or thermal insulation.
  • Paintings of food, fruits, vegetables and beverages, which protect against breast cancer (first tablet the size of 1 meter x 2 meter, second panel size 150 cm x 170 cm).
  • A corner dedicated to the Committee for Healthy Cities for Women and Zahra Association, Arar, to fight against breast cancer, with a set of brochures and a set of plates under the banner slogan "Tamnina Annek".
  • A group of breast cancer signs made of Satan in pink.


At Rafha Girls' branch the campaign has been launched by the coordinator of Students Activities Unit, Dr. Muna Alqasem Jawarneh, along with Dr. Hiba Saleem Hamid, faculty member, college  of pharmacy, Dr. Rihab Assaleh, and the nurses Fawziah Ashamari and Hudaiba Ashamari from the General Hospital, Rafha, and the Supervisor of the Preparatory Year, Dr. Fouz Mindeel Altuajiri, the deputy manager of the undergraduate studies, Dr. Hanan Alqahtani, the coordinator of the Tests and Schedules Unit, Dr Rihab Alrowaly, the Students' Guide, Dr, Nayla Alghazo, and a large number of students from the Preparatory Year. The seminar included the following activities:

  • Power-Point presentation on breast cancer and breastfeeding.
  • Practical application of how to use breastfeeding and display of some of the tools that are used in the process of feeding bottles and milk suction machine by nurses from the General Hospital.
  • Distributing leaflets about breast cancer and breastfeeding.
  • Distribution of breast cancer slogans to the students as well as to the audience.
  • At the end of this activity, Dr. Muna Alqasem thanked the students who participated and all those who attended.

At Turaif Girls' branch, the campaign was launched under the patronage of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Ibtisam Bint Khaled Salameh. A good number of students and faculty numbers attended it. The programme was prepared by the coordinator of the Students' Activities at the deanship, Dr. Sawari Mohammad, in cooperation with Turaif General Hospital. Dr. Badria Muhammad Mousa, a nursing trainer, Dr. Miryam Munadi Al-Enezi, a nurse, and Munifa Alruwali also took important part.

Dr. Sawari welcomed all in attendance. Then she introduced the concept of breast cancer and the importance of early detection, briefly. Then, Dr. Badria showed a power-point presentation on breast cancer, including its definition, its causes and symptoms, and the ways to be followed to prevent it, in addition to the ways of self-examination. This was followed by an explanation of self-examination with examples in front of the students, done by Dr. Maryam Munadi Al-Enezi. After that a video on early detection of breast cancer was viewed. Then, the members of Turaif General Hospital trained the students in self-examination. At the end leaflets and publications related to breast cancer and early discovery, and the ways to prevent it were distributed.