12/1/2015 12:00 AM

​​On the occasion of the International Day for breast cancer, two campaigns have been launched about "Breast cancer and breastfeeding" in all female branches of the Deanship of PY.

In implementation of the activities plan prepared by the Deanship of PY, and with a direct supervision from the dean, Dr. Moqbel Salem Al-Enazi, all the university female campuses (Arar, Turaif, Rafha, Al-Oaiqilah) carried out several activities and awareness campaigns coinciding with the International Day for Breast Cancer Awareness, for one week. The campaign included a number of lectures and seminars related to breast cancer and breastfeeding which provided female students with the required knowledge about the reasons and causes of this disease as well as the ways to prevent it, in addition to introducing the advantages of breastfeeding for children.

The  Deanship of PY at Arar Female Campus  in collaboration with the Women's Health Committee in Arar and the Zahara Association for Breast Cancer Treatment carried out an awareness campaign presented by Dr. Amira Abdullah, the Coordinator of  Student Activities Unit, addressed the importance of breast self-exam for the early detection test of the disease emphasizing on the importance of breastfeeding, since it protects the mother from breast cancer and benefits the child as well. During the campaign, many artworks and sculptures related to the topic have been presented in addition to some designs, drawings, and images related to breast cancer, along with showing the most important symptoms and prevention methods, including the most important foods leading to its occurrence or helping to reduce the infection and prevent the affliction.

In the same campaign, Dr. Najla Hariri, the vice dean of University Studies Deanship accompanied by Mrs. Mona Al-Balawi, the vice dean of Admission and Registration Deanship and Mrs. Mriomah Al-Enazi opened the art exhibition accompanying the campaign. The attendance included the vice dean of Education and Arts Faculty, the directors of the Deanship of Electronic Education, the Deanship of PY, and the Deanship of Undergraduate Studies, many faculty members, staff members, and a crowd of  students.

Moreover, a group of PY students participated in breast cancer awareness activities in Valley Mall. Further, Dr. Mohammed bin Ali Hamdan, the director of Public Health affairs accompanied by the Public Health Affairs assistant Dr. Redaa bin Qublan Al-Enazi and a group of Health Affairs employees visited the exhibition prepared for this purpose, where they toured and expressed their admiration of the PY role for raising students' awareness.

These activities were carried out by the Deanship of PY in collaboration with many institutions including Hospitals and Health Centers in the Region, Arar Health City, the Technical College and the Deanship of Student Affairs in Northern Border University, Oxford College, Al-Kawthar Social Centre, and Mutaafi Association.

In Rafha's female campus, Mrs. Heba Hamid, a staff member at the faculty of Medicine, presented an awareness campaign on the importance of breast self-exam and early detection test of breast cancer and breastfeeding. The campaign was supervised by Mrs. Mona Al-Qasim, the Coordinator of Students' Activities Unit, and Dr. Tahani Al-Enazi, the Vice Dean of University Studies and the Supervisor of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies.  The campaign included the distribution of some leaflets containing tips and guidance on breast cancer and breastfeeding in addition to Power Point Presentations and videos explaining the method of breast self-exam.

In Turaif's female Campus, with the supervision of Dr. Weam Abdel-Rahman Al-Mleah, the supervisor of the Deanship of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, Mrs. Sawari Muhammad Almanazil implemented an awareness campaign on the importance of self-exam and early detection test of breast cancer and breastfeeding. The campaign included an exhibition in this regard lasted for a week.

Additionally, some brochures and leaflets were designed to raise students' awareness of this dangerous disease besides finding out its causes, symptoms, and methods of prevention and treatment. Also, a magazine containing images of breast cancer and foods that protect against infection was prepared. Then, the nursing specialist, Noura Fleih Al-Rwali from the college of Arts and Sciences at Turaif Female Campus talked about breast cancer in terms of definition, reasons, symptoms, and ways of prevention in addition to the method of making self-exam and healthy nutrition that prevents breast cancer.

In Al-Oaiqilah's female Campus, Mrs. Maryam Al-Dmour, the coordinator of Students Activities Unit with supervision of Dr. Hanan Al-Qahtani, the supervisor of preparatory Year in cooperation with the Awareness and Educational Committee in al-Oaiqilah Hospital carried out an awareness campaign including brochures, pamphlets, and paintings about breast cancer and breast self-exam in addition to methods of prevention and treatment. The campaign included an explanation about the importance of breastfeeding for mother and child.

Finally, the student Sahar Turki delivered an expressive poem representing the campaign which received admiration from the audience. The last part of the campaign was devoted to questions and inquiries by students, answered by the Educational Committee from Al-Oaiqilah Hospital.  

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