12/12/2015 12:00 AM

​Preparatory Year students' visit to the General Administration for Drug Control at Northern Border Area

As directed by the Dean Dr. Moqbil Bin Salem Al-Enazi of the Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, the Students Counseling Unit accompanied a group of preparatory year students to visit the General Administration for Drug Control on Monday, 19/2/1437. Mr. Ameed Al-Enazi, the supervisor of Awareness and Education Unit at the General Administration for Drug Control in Northern Border Area, delivered an educational lecture entitled "Dangers of drugs on individuals, family, and society" in which he talked about the definition of drugs, types, damage, prevalence, and the penalties for drug abusers and promoters.

The lecture was followed by the distribution of some guidance leaflets prepared by the General Administration for Drug Control with a CD and a video presentation demonstrating drug prevalence, methods of smuggling, and the quantities seized by the General Directorate for Drug Control. Moreover, the presentation reviewed some realistic cases of drug dealers, the kingdom's efforts to address and eliminate this phenomenon, images of some narcotic substances such as hashish, heroin, captagon and alcohol, methods of prevention, and the possibility of treatment in specialized centers belonging to Al-Amal Center for Mental Health in Northern Border Area.

At the end of the session, the General Administration of Drug Control officials listened to students' questions and answered them. This was followed by a tour to the exhibition where students looked at the pictures, banners, paintings and sculptures of mortal cases resulting from dealing with narcotics. At the end of the meeting, the visitors thanked the officials of the General Administration for Drug Control for their warm reception, hospitality and the useful instructional information they provided at all social, psychological, healthy, economic and religious aspects for the preparatory year students at Northern Border University.

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