1/28/2016 12:00 AM

​Inauguration of the New PY English Club at the Arar Male Campus

       The Inauguration Ceremony of the PY English Club in its new location at the Arar Male Campus took place on the 26th of January 2016 (16/4/1437 H). The club premises on the 2nd Floor of Building PY2 was formally made available to the students by His Excellency the Dean, Dr Moqbil Salem Alenazi, in the presence of the Head of the Department, Dr Sujash Bhattacharya, the Project Manager for Al Khaleej, Mr Jumah Al Qreshat, the Academic Advisor to the Department, Mr William Bzadough, the teachers of the Department of English Language Skills and some dedicated students of the club. While gracing the occasion, the Dean first cut the ribbon and then welcomed the stakeholders of the PY English Club and the students of the PY. He thanked the management of Al Khaleej, and its creative team, for designing and executing the new PY English Club, and stressed to the students the importance of making the optimum use of the facilities made available to them for learning English. 

       The PY English Club of the Department of English Language Skills within the Deanship at the University accords a fun way of immersing in the language outside of the lecture rooms. The PY English Club focuses on strengthening students' knowledge of the art of communicating in English. It also works towards developing the general skills of social discourse. Club activities are designed to create opportunities for the development of effective communication amongst its members.

The general objectives of the PY English Club can be enumerated thus:

  • Organizing informal meetings based on academic and social skills that enhance verbal flow in English between the members of the club, and participating in various fun activities outside of the curriculum
  • Affording opportunities for students to gain linguistic skills and experiences that will be useful for their future career
  • Providing students with a foreign language environment that mimics the natural one, so that students can acquire the language by living it
  • Exposing the students to the diversity of learning styles that increases the desire and motivation of the students to learn more

       At the PY English Club, students are the center of attention, and all interactive activities at the club aim to serve the students in a positive way. By participating regularly in the Club's activities, the students stand to gain 2 Activity Points.

       The club provides many opportunities. For instance, one can not only assess one's command of English but also get assistance in improving grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. One can involve in various activities – like enjoying English language games, quizzes and debates, elocution, spelling bees, solving English puzzles on the Internet, listening to English news channels, watching documentaries and informative clips in English, enacting role plays, and chatting in English with other students and teachers.

       The order of activities is under the supervision of teachers from the Department. Teachers from both native-speaking countries and from other parts of the world add to the diversity of learning experience.

       The Department is coordinating with the authorities in the different campuses for arranging similar dedicated rooms assigned solely for the PY English Club. These rooms are being equipped, gradually, with electronics, jovial decoration, and appropriate furniture which can lend a relaxed atmosphere to the learning environment.

       The PY English Club is gaining immensely in popularity and is playing a key role in encouraging and motivating students towards learning English.


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