5/2/2015 12:00 AM

The preparatory year team won the second place in the end of the -fourth University championship cup soccer championship cup

 The Preparatory Year  Football team  achieved the second place in the Fourth University Football Championship Cup of the second semester of the academic year 1435/1436, and the final match was between the Preparatory Year Team and the Faculty of Science Team on Tuesday, 07/09/1436 AH. The game ended in victory of 1-0 for the Faculty of Sciences Team, scoring the first place and championship cup. The Preparatory Year team  earned the second place in the championship. The final match  was attended by His Excellency the Vice President for Branches, Dr. Mohammed Shamrani, His Excellency the Vice President Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zahrani, the Dean of the preparatory year and supportive studies Dr. Moqbil  Bin Salem Al Enezy, and the Dean of the Faculty of Science Dr. Faraj al-Ghamdi. The championship cup  and gold medal were delivered to the Faculty of Science Team, while the silver medal was delivered for the Preparatory Year Team.

It is worth mentioning that the championship lasted a full ten days starting from Sunday 30/6/1436 H until Tuesday, 09/07/1436 AH.

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