12/11/2014 12:00 AM

Closing of the Events of the Orientation Program for Selection of Specialization under the slogan "Choosing Specialization is My Way to the Future" for New Students in the Preparatory Year​

The activities of the Orientation programme "Choosing Specialization is My Way to the Future," meant for the new students, came to a close on Thursday, 19-2-1436 H. The programme was organized by the Students Guidance Unit in the Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, at all the branches of the university - at Arar, Rafha and Turaif, for students studying for one semester at the Deanship of Preparatory Year, for their admission into various colleges, like, College of Education and Arts, Business Administration, Science, Home Economics [for Girls], College of Arts and Sciences [Turaif], and College of Arts and Sciences [Rafha]. The programme was supervised by the Dean, Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, Dr. Moqbel Bin Salem Alenezi, who supervised the activities closely throughout the program period, starting from Monday, 16-2-1436 till Thursday, 19-2-1436. The representatives from departments / colleges met the Preparatory Year students, each according to his/her college, in order to clarify the mechanism of selection of specialization they wish to have. Students can choose specializations based on their abilities, inclinations, and career opportunities available in the local community institutions.​