9/12/2014 12:00 AM

​An invitation to attend the National Day Celebrations at the Deanship on Sunday 26/11/1434

Our homeland witnesses the celebrations of Eighty-Fourth National Day on Sep/23rd/ 2014, corresponding to Thu El-Qi'edah/28th/1435 H. The Deanship of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies is getting ready to celebrate the great event and awards to the winners of the National Day Contest will be presented on the day. The ceremony will be held in Ara'ar, Rafha'a, and Tureef on Sunday 26th/11/1435 H, as follows:


               Headquarter                         Place of Ceremony
Male Students Dept., Ara'arArts and Education College Theater
Female Students Dept., Ara'arEducation College Theater
Male Students Dept., Rafha'aOuter Theater
Female Students Dept., Rafha'aEducation and Arts Hall
Male Students Dept., TureefThe Great Chamber- Society College
Female Student Dept., TureefCafeteria


The Deanship calls all the students to participate in the contests for the National Day, and to attend the ceremony.