10/12/2015 12:00 AM

​Head of Information and Public Relations in the Deanship of the preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, lectures about the art of writing a press report.

Dr. Muneer Shweiter, head of Information and Public Relations, delivered a lecture entitled "the Art of Writing a Press Report " Dr. Muneer started his speech by thanking all those who attended the lecture for showing their interest in these activities which can enrich their knowlede, displaying the meaning of journalism in language, its importance, and origin. The lecturer displayed a press report to show its concept, components, preparation, and the time of its writing. He illustrated the main notes in a special way with instructions that can contribute to writing the right press report. The lecturer also shows the difference between press reports, news reports, investigative news, and news dialogue. In addition, the lecturer has shown the pillars of writing press reports that include title, headline, introduction, body, and conclusion. The lecturer highlighted that the headline is the first thing on which the reader's eye falls. However, it is the last thing to be written because the editor is the one who chooses the suitable headline after finishing the report. The headline aims at attracting the reader's attention to give it a value. The lecturer also showed types of headlines: summative, interrogative, quotes, descriptive, contradictive, and so forth. The lecturer explained the concept of introduction, which attracts the attention of the reader without exaggeration and pushes him to read the report until the end, referring to the previous type of headlines. The lectures have shown the importance of the body of the report because it contains the gist of the report. The conclusion is the last thing in the report; it embraces the editor's assessment of the press topic and showing the results. Then, there was a wide dialogue between the students and those who were present. The lecturer answered the questions asked by the students. At the end of the lecture, Dr. Saleh Murad, Head of Students Activities Unit, extended his thanks to the lecturer for his precious information.

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