10/26/2015 12:00 AM

PYP continues the adoption of Blackboard system in computer courses test

In  fulfillment to the cooperation agreement between the Deanship of PYP and the Deanship of E-learning and Distance Learning, the first course test (Introduction of Electronic Programming ) conducted on Thursday 9-1-143 ) for the students of PYP at the College of Engineering, The test was supervised by specialized team from the Deanship of PYP  and the Deanship of E-learning and Distance Learning, The Dean of  E-learning and Distance Learning Dr. Ahmed bin Majoon ALenezy, and the Vice Dean of the PYP Dr. Farhan bin Khallaf ALenezy supervised the progress, performance and implementation of the test  . The participants students expressed their satisfaction with the test mechanism which was carried out within the latest teaching methods, which save time and effort and equal opportunities for everybody, as well as the students ability to see their result at the end of the test.  To praise this achievement, the unit of media and public relations at the Deanship of PYP conducted several meetings with a number of supervisors on the test and a number of students involved in it.

Dr.  Abdel Nasser Mohammed Saber: - Head of Computer skills Department at the Deanship of PYP, said: This achievement is a big shift in teaching ,testing methods, facilitation of grading system, student's knowledge of their result after the test directly, in addition to provide a learning environment based on modern technology that saves time and effort, in preparation tests  and in the delay in the announcement of the results.

Taha Alforaki:

 Director of Quality Assurance Unit at the Deanship of E-learning and Distance learning, said : The readiness was high, and we noticed students' interaction and acceptance of the idea, moving to electronic learning and electronic tests, and the test characterized by its integrity to the large number questions sample that make the student depend on himself, and hope that this step will be Paradigm shift and make the university in the ranks with  developed universities "God willing "and  I wish success to all.


 Hazem bani abduh: - Lecturer in the Department of Computer  skills at Deanship of PYP one of the observers on the test, said The test was carried out properly ,all means of comfort and quiet atmosphere were provided for students to perform the test, and the satisfaction of students was clear ,the multiplicity of models make the students depend on themselves, save time and effort ,and allow the students to get their result directly at the end of the exam.


In Blackboard system opinion Students

Student: Mohamed Sobhi Ibrahim

I feel that the electronic test is better than the paper test, where it measures the real capabilities of the student, helps to focus and self-reliance, I feel comfortable, where the test is being quiet and fair, I thank to those who planed, supervised and carried out the test and wish success for all.


 Student: Aziz Masood Al Haidar

Although this test is applied for the first time, , with the efforts of those who support it, the way to do the  test, and how to apply it has been clarified  , we felt comfortable and reassured, because the test is an equal opportunity for everyone, when justice prevails things upright and the output is good, we Thank  those who planned, prepared ,supervised and carried out this test


Student; Khaled Meshaal Al-enezy

This test in this way shows the development and promotion of the university, and keep up with all that is new, the test is carried out  in a civilized atmosphere far from dread and fear and confusion, The  place  is comfortable and quiet atmosphere in addition to the good deal of supervisors and observers


Student:  Abdul Rahman Najeeh Alrwely

What I saw today exceeded all perceptions, preparation for the test was clear, performed faster ,and result were  immediate at the end of the test. Integrity indication is clear, it allow student to feel comfortable and believe  in equal opportunities, I thank those who support and planned it, and we hope further development to our beloved  university.


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