10/28/2015 12:00 AM

His Excellency the Rector of the University launches Smoke Free University Project​

Smoking is a global phenomenon which causes numerous harms for individuals and society and it threatens millions of people around the world. This phenomenon is not easy to face on the local and global levels. It can only be faced through increasing awareness of its dangers by all community members. Because of the interests of Northern Border University to spread awareness among students to give up this bad habit, the Rector, Dr. Said bin Omar Al-Omar has launched Smoke-free campus project carried out by the Deanship of Students affairs in collaboration with the Deanship of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies and anti- smoking program in the Directorate of General Health Affairs. The Rector inaugurated the ceremony on Tuesday 14/1/1237 at the Auditorium of the Education Collage, accompanied by Deans of the faculties, Deputy Deans, faculty staff members, the supervisor of anti-smoking Program, Department of public health affairs members, and a number of Preparatory  Year Students. The meeting started with a recitation from the holy Quran. The Vice Dean of the Deanship of Students Affairs, Dr. Saud bin Habib Al-Rwaili pointed out that smoking is a bad habit and people try to eliminate it in different ways. Moreover, he said that the Saudi government tried very early to overcome this habit in various ways, so it implemented many procedures included public and private institutions. The results of these efforts indicate that the highest percentage of smoking cessation was in the Northern Border Area. Mr Hmoud Al-Rwaili, the supervisor of anti-smoking clinics in the region, pointed out that smoking has become a scourge on the society. Therefore, the Ministry of Health has opened anti-smoking clinics in various parts of the kingdom after they noticed the increase of this phenomenon. Furthermore, the Ministry has developed an electronic program covering all the regions of the kingdom to show the percentage of smoking quitters. He added that the Northern Border region has the best anti-smoking center in the country which provides people with the best secure as well as free treatment to give up smoking. Dr. Ahmad Najib Abdul Rahman, the Director of the anti-smoking program in the Department Health Affairs, previewed a documentary film which revealed the enormous number of deaths caused by smoking as well as photos of body organs affected by cancer caused by smoking which drew the attention of the audience. Dr Naif al-Dakhil, the supervisor of Smoke-Free Campus project emphasized that this project has been launched because of the importance body health and that smoking is contrary to religion and public behavior since it wastes money for not useful things. He added that the project will be implemented in three phases including awareness-raising for one month, the announcement of project implementation phase, and implementation of the program. The responsibility for preventing smoking in the university is assigned to the Department of Public Safety and Security to document irregularities. Besides, a specialized clinic will be established to deal with this phenomenon. The Rector praised the cooperation of the Department of Health Affairs and appreciated their efforts which enable the university to achieve its targets towards students and society. He also requested deanships and colleges to work together for the elimination of this bad habit by all possible means. He also appreciated the proposal by Dr. Moqbil bin Salem Alenazi, the Dean of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies to convert any student smokes in the campus to anti-smoking clinic in the region. In a separate interview, Dr. Moqbil bin Salem Alenazi, the dean of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies stressed that the Deanship is serious about eliminating this phenomenon through intensive campaigns inside the university in addition to workshops and seminars and distributing pamphlets and leaflets designed by Student Counseling Unit in the deanship in cooperation with the Deanship of Students Affairs. Finally, he expressed his optimism that this project will come out of positive results for the benefit of students and community.

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