12/7/2015 12:00 AM

​The Deanship of the PY Starts  the Orientation Program( choosing specialization )in all its branches under slogan "choosing specialty is my way to the future "               

The orientation program events at the deanship started on Monday, 11-2-1437h under the slogan "Choosing Specialty Is My Way to the Future" in all branches of the university (Arar, Rafha, Turaif and Alaoiqilh) to  help male and female students choose the right specialization, that provide students with satisfaction of their ambitions  and guide them to the right path of success. The program aims to  help students to identify the nature of their personalities, interests, skills, and abilities in making the most important decisions in their lives; how to choose the  right specialization, and provide them with comprehensive information on all specializations available in all faculties of the university. The faculties (vice deans and the academic departments supervisors) attended this program. The activities of this program will continue until Thursday, 14-2-1437h in all branches of the deanship.

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