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​​​Surveys of student's opinion in the preparatory year in the first day of university study​​​

The preparatory year is the basic introduction for university study, in order to identify, and prepare students for their studies. The preparatory year and supportive studies management, since the first  day of University study, starts  the orientation program that included variety of tours ,lectures, package of advice and guidance, in addition to a clear vision about the university, and its instructions, regulations and facilities. To learn more we listen to the views of a number of male and female students from various colleges  ​​​​​​​

Student: Sami Nayir Hajjaj Alenazi-Faculty of Medicine

I was astonished by what I saw today, all employees at the university working as one team. They all provided services to students and answered their inquiries. We haven't faced any problems, whether in guidance to the halls or solving any problems such as schedule-related problems. This is the outcome of the wise university administration which stimulates students to study besides opening the way for them for a better future.​


Student: Abdul-Majeed Dahmoul Alrwaily- Engineering Faculty

After understanding the preparatory year program during the orientation week, I realized the big gap between school and university. University combines science, ethics, and talent development through organizing various additional activities. These activities help students to depend on themselves and build characters besides discovering students' talents by taking part in the activities they want.


Student: Jasir Gharbi Alrwaily-  Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences.

I haven't had any idea about university. After attending the orientation program, I discovered new things I haven't expected such as the various services the university provides to students. After that, I realized that there is a big gap between university and school in terms of students' self-reliance. University students are expected to do their best to get useful information as opposed to school, wherein students completely depend on their teachers.


Student:Saif Saud Alenazi – Faculty of Business Administration.

What I have seen today was unbelievable. I realized what it means to be a university student and realized the big difference between what I expected and what I have seen on the ground, which motivated me to continue my education. I will not stop at this point and I'll complete my higher education. I'm waiting for that day impatiently.


Student:Saleh Hmoud Al-Tayyar – Faculty of Medicine

There was a big concern by the Dean of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies, Dr. Moqbil Salem Alenazi and university staff members regarding receiving students and directing them to university facilities (halls and laboratories). Therefore, what I have seen today exceeded my expectations because I didn't expected that this university, despite its modernity, had reached this level. I would like to thank university administration and all people who participated in this achievement.


Student:Basil Hamdan Alenazi- Faculty of Engineering


I can't describe my feelings in these wonderful moments because my childhood dreams to be a university student have come true. Now, being a student at this great university, I find support from all university members, which motivated me to do my best to achieve my educational hopes and ambitions and become a distinctive graduate. I will not stop at this point, but I will complete my higher education to be an active citizen in my homeland and serve my religion, homeland, and my king.


 Student: Hassan Hadi Achamma- Faculty of Education and Arts

The happiest day of my life was that day I found myself as a university student. I was dreaming for years ago to be at university. In reityal, we found hospitality and honor, worthy of  our attention, and the index positive for the proper administration, which was clear through proper selection by the university administration, the well-educated elite conscious of professors, administrators and technicians  who had extensive experience in the academic work.


 Student: Saand Fawaz Anzi - Faculty of Science. 

 I feel optimistic about tomorrow, as you know the Northern Border University is still young and new. By its strong beginning, quick steps exceeded all perceptions. What we have seen today of a good ordering and organization all reflects a promising future, "God willing,". We promise everyone that we will respect and will follow the rules  and regulations of the university, which regulate the work, and show us what we are to be good role models for others, God willing.


Student: Thamer Owaid Ramadan Anzi- Faculty of Education and Arts

Since the moment we became university students, we have seen the difference between high school and university, which add a real responsibility to be honest and sincere in our aim toward our country and our parents, who stayed awake with us nights, to be up to their expectations. Our ambition is to get the information from its source, and respect teachers who carry honest messages that will be our motivation in the province of this university and its facilities, which are part of the gains of the homeland.


Student: Abdullah Mohammed Molkat Anzi- Faculty of Education and Art

I was impressed by what I saw regarding preparations and equipment in the preparatory year. In addition, there was a lot of splendor and many clear booklets and brochures which were comprehensive of all questions in our minds, which was given by the Reception Commission that we may know the buildings, halls, and facilities.


Student: Taima Mansi Diab, Faculty of Pharmacy

I felt anxiety and tension with the approach of the new phase in my life. I would not hear of conflicting views and statements toward this new phase as undergraduate student. [I don't have a clue what she is trying to say in that last sentence.]  When I attended the induction program, we listened as newcomers to the instructions and laws by the Deputy Dean of the preparatory year and supporting studies, Mona Shazly Ramadan, as well as instructions and directives by Dr. Majida al-Majali in a short meeting to motivate us as university student to study hard, and how to deal this phase. In reality, my barrier of fear was broken, and my ambition increased more. First we would like to thank employees of the Deanship of the preparatory year for their efforts. We promise ourselves that the university will be the first of our priorities and our second home. We promise also to maintain the facilities, because it represents a part of the gains of this country led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. And I am sure that the employees of the preparatory year gained a private place in our hearts with a loving relationship between us.


Student: Ahlam Sultan Farhan Dahmashi - Faculty of Medicine

I devoted my effort in a previous phase of my life to get high marks to study medicine. That dream has been achieved, "Thank God" and I was worried toward the university acceptance, and I am here now on the lesson seats. I have the determination to achieve greater ambitions, through the university phase. I will never stop at this point, but I will continue the journey to complete my higher education, through working hard and perseverance. And inshallah I will achieve my goals and my desires. In conclusion, I want to thank those in charge of the university administration, and those who prepared this wonderful program


Student: Amani Mohammed Ahmed Audh- Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

I entered this scientific edifice, which is a beacon of knowledge and intellectual enlightenment, which pushed me and increased my will to achieve my hopes and scientific ambitions, and to graduate with distinction and not to stop at this point. But I will continue my studies to be effective and active, and serve my country,  my religion, and my king.


Student: Ebtesaam Nafe Anzi - Faculty of Education and Arts

When I went to the university induction program, I felt I was on the threshold of a new stage of study, with mixed feelings of joy and fear, and while listening to a set of instructions and guidance for the students, and how to cope with university life which Provided by the Student Counseling Unit in the preparatory year, As well as listen to a package of laws and regulations for undergraduate, reviewed by the Deputy Dean of the preparatory year and supporting studies, soon faded fear element, And increased my well to make my way towards a promising future. [This is a run-on sentence. I do not know where one sentence ends and the other begins. I would probably mistranslate this in that case.


Student Nawal Khaled Mowafiq  Alroehli- College of Home Economics

On the first day of the study, I was impressed by the  accurate coordination and arrangement and adept handling of members those in charge of the reception of students. Also I noted the big difference between the university and the school regarding uniforms and dates of lectures and order and others. I discovered that a student at the university can be up to the information through his own research and investigation, and he can participate in extracurricular activities, which contribute to the refinement of his character and discover talents and the development of his ideas, to reach a level of creativity


Student: Tagreed Nashmi Talaa - Faculty of Science

By attending the induction program and what was presented by the Deputy Dean of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies, and the unit of Student Counseling, I was briefed on the services provided by the university, and the rules and regulations that discourage work, as I was impressed by the tour prepared by the Preparatory Year from which we learned about the university facilities, expressing how happy I am to get to my goal, and receive knowledge from the source, hoping that this phase passes with distinction.

Student: Riham Arif Asmer Dhalaan-Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

I did not have any background knowledge about university systems, but after attending a meeting induction prepared by the Preparatory Year, we have listened to the instructions and guidance on how to cope with university life, as well as to identify the rules and regulations of the university. Things began to more clearly for me, which gave me will and determination to move towards a promising future. I thank the university administration and those who made this outstanding effort.​

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