8/30/2015 12:00 AM

​​ The end of the orientation program for new students for the academic year 1436/1437​

The orientation program activities  for new students were finished in all branches of the university (Arar, Rafha, Tarif, Alaoiqilh), on Thursday, 12-11-1436h, and held by the Counseling Unit of the Deanship of the Preparatory Year & Supportive Studies at the University of the Northern Border, starting from Sunday, 8-11- 1436 H until Thursday 12-11-1436h for all the preparatory year students in all faculties (Medicine, Applied Medical Sciences, Engineering, Science, Business Administration, Education and Arts, Pharmacy, Computing and Information Technology, Science and Arts in Rafha and Tarif and Alaoiqilh, community colleges in Arar and Rafha and Tarif). The program included the distribution of a bag to each student, each containing a New Year's greeting card, a list of activities of the program and appointments, a copy of the study guide of Northern Border University, a guide to the programs and services offered by the Deanship of the Preparatory Year and Supporting Studies, a card entitled "Your New Year; How to Deal With It", a study plan and preparations for the year, the Journal of the Department of English skills deanship entitled "Pen Craft", the calendar for the students of the preparatory year for the first semester 1437/1436 e, and a notebook and pen. The program has included several meetings and lectures , provided by specialists from various deanships of the university, explaining the  instructions and regulations  that  the student  need to know, in addition to the services offered by the university for their  male and female students and those who are at the center of the educational process. The focus is to increase the level of awareness of and discover their talents and creativity, through the provision of an appropriate educational environment. The orientation program for new students, which lasted for one week, was under the auspices of  Prof. Dr. Said bin Omar al-Omar, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zahrani, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs in charge, Dr. Khalaf al-Shammari. They themselves were under the supervision of the Dean of the Preparatory Year and Support Studies, Dr.  Muqbel Salim Al Anzi. The survey of preparatory year students on the first day is considered the basic introduction for university study in order to identify and prepare students for the study. To learn more, we listen to the views of a number of male and female students from various colleges.

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