11/17/2015 12:00 AM

The Dean of the PY sponsored the opening of the 2nd Annual Volley Ball Championship Cup.

 Within the plan of student activities events at the deanship, and under the sponsor of His Excellency, Dean of the PY  Dr. Mogbil Bin Salem Al-Enazi, and in the presence of members of the student activities, the Unit of Media and Public Relations and PY students also attended the event, which was organized by the Student Activities Unit in the deanship, at ten o'clock on Tuesday morning 5.2 --1 437. The event was held in the gym of the Faculty of Medicine building, where the dean met with participants before the game, expressing his guidance and happiness about the tournament, which embodies the meaning of competition among the players, .as 230 students were divided into 20 teams, and these teams will continue the activities as of Tuesday morning, 5-2- 1437 H until next Tuesday, 11 -2-1437h, when the events will end with the crowning of the winning team by His Excellency.

​ Prepared by,     

The Unit of Media and Public Relations 

The Deanship of Preparatory Year and Supportive Studies