​​​​​​​​​​​​​Speech by His Excellency Director

In the name of God the Merciful

 Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you , and hello to you and Welcome Dear visitors valued the site University 's northern border .

And headquartered in the city of Arar , and Vraaha in Rafha In the city of Tarif , University of emerging young , have the ambition to the extent of its antipersonnel determination , which derives from an abiding faith in God's help exalted her , and then from the strong support of our government , and I have been great achievements dreams great , and when he provides the faith of purpose , and ambition to achieve, and material resources ,and the sincere will : true accomplishments . the Northern Territory University seeks to graduate generations of young people to be soldiers in the service of the country , answering what he needs and their general, and what you need , especially the northern border area , the specialties of professional and practical in all areas, as we strive to achieve the conditions for accreditation and quality.

In order to achieve what we are looking for , we strive to develop the university to follow in the footsteps of contemporary life , a member of a distinguished among national universities on the one hand , and universities in the world on the other. And then only worthwhile student and choose a faculty member outstanding , as well as the curriculum of modern and advanced technology , and stimulate scientific research , and follow-up developments in the universities of the means and methods and techniques , we are part of this world , influenced by including in it, and we strive to influence . 

We call upon all employees of the university , faculty members and administrators , should make all their might and determination , in order filed , and development of , and access to the excellence , innovation and leadership ; service to our nation Aziz , and obedience to the command of God for us perfectly business . And to our students : Today you are on the threshold of a new era , not confined to only qualified , and the world today explode note and knowledge , and the means of modern knowledge available to everyone , and you do not Enqskm determination and ambition , not of faith , we are not superstitions among nations , we are the sons of an ancient civilization , receded for so , but they do not come back soon , God willing . May Allah guide to what is good and payment, and save our country and the governors of the matter from all evils . 


Rector A . D . Said bin Omar al- Omar 

E-mail: salomar@nbu.edu.sa​​​​