Under the auspices of the Rector

The conclusion of the fifth scientific forum for students

Sponsored Rector Prof. Dr. / Said bin Omar al- Omar , the closing ceremony of the Scientific Forum V for students on Monday, 20/02/1435 AH Theater Faculty of Education and Arts at the University of the city of Arar , the presence of agents university deans and Deanships and faculty and students involved and bisected students via video conferencing , and a large crowd of employees of the university , in preparation for participation in the fifth scientific conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for universities , which , God willing, will be held in the month of Rajab 1435 AH .

The HE Rector speech in which he praised this continuous success achieved by the students participating in this event and their supervisors of teachers , pointing to a doubling of the number of research dozens of times , and that this stems from the university and set its sights excellence and not only success , so The university is proud of its sons of the students and students and is proud of them and proud also Bosatzthm who performed their work with honesty and sincerity , adding that the state endorsed by God supported universities for the sake of scientific progress and raise the level of efficiency of scientific research and we have to take advantage of the opportunities available , stressing that the university is offering this year, incentives for students excelling in the search.

The Dr / Maan bin Muhammad al-Madani , the Dean of Student Affairs ( coordinator of the university 's Scientific Conference V) that research which was attended by male and female students reached this year, 158 research included the areas of humanities and social sciences , and basic sciences , engineering, medical sciences and applied , while the activities associated with the work of 215 artistic activity varied between documentaries and drawing and photographing plastic and plastic cartoon , photography, calligraphy , and the field of innovations , praising the support of the Rector of the forum continued in order to achieve its objectives .

The Rector has opened an exhibition of the activities associated with , which includes paintings in art and drawing , photography, cartoons , and watched Excellency and his entourage a documentary film , which will be attended by one of the students called " errors in the asphalt roads "

 At the conclusion of the ceremony was declared winners of the awards were handed Ma'aleh financial and certificates of appreciation to the winners , which ranged between 1000 - 4000 riyals per student or student won his research .