This service allows non-Saudi students to apply for scholarships at NBU. The Scholarship Program attracts overachieving Non-Saudi students to finance their tuition fees and help them get an excellent education that goes in line with their expectations. 

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كيفية استخدام الخدمة
  • When announced, apply for the Scholarships Program through the university's website (Scholarship Vice Presidency).
  • The student's papers will be checked and validated.
  • The student's data will be uploaded to the Ministry of Education.
  • The student will be notified when their scholarship is approved.
متطلبات الخدمة
  • A copy of the high school certificate with the grading statement translated into Arabic or English and certified by the Saudi Embassy or Cultural Attaché in the student's country.
  • Copy of valid passport.
  • All letters of recommendation or sponsorship to the student from bodies, institutions, or persons approved by the university.
  • A certificate showing them to be free of precedent from their country's security services.
  • The consent of their Government to study at university, or the statement that the law in their country allows the student to travel to any State for education.
  • A recent medical report on the safety of organs, senses, and infectious diseases from an accredited medical center certified by the Embassy of Saudi Arabia.
Last Change Date
25 Muharram 1444

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