It’s my pleasure to welcome you to the portal of Northerns Border University. You can browse content, services, and information about the university’s colleges, deanships, and sectors. 
At the university, we believe in the importance of your participation and evaluation. Giving us your valuable feedback about the university’s services will help improve it with Allah’s help. We can improve our services and accomplish what otherwise would’ve been unattainable by working together.

The Northern Border University plays a vital role like any other university in the Kingdom by attending to the quality of education, following the latest methods of development in all fields, and preparing graduates to contribute to building the nation by working in public and private sectors. The university is keen to recruit qualified faculty members in various disciplines with degrees from the most prestigious universities. The university is also implementing several initiatives and projects for the new Strategic Plan 2020-2025 by applying high-impact educational practices (HIEPs) and transferring core competencies within solid scientific performance standards and indicators. It aims to qualify graduates for the labor market,  achieve national academic and institutional accreditation, and improve the university’s performance in scientific research and innovation, community service, training, and continued education. It also wants to adopt purposeful developmental projects that enhance the university’s care for beneficiaries, and its ability for governance, and help achieve educational benefits for students, employees, the region’s community, and the Kingdom. Hence, we call upon all university employees to do everything they can to serve the university and raise it to reach the ranks of prestigious and distinguished universities, which we aspire to be one of - with God’s help -. We ask God to bless our wise leadership and our dear Kingdom and perpetuate the blessing of security and safety for us.

University’s president

 Prof. Mohammed bin Yahya Al-Shehri