To provide advisory services to the President in the areas of interest to the university.




  • Prepare the office’s activities plans and follow up on their implementation after approval.
  • Facilitate obtaining data and information by advisors in specialized units.
  • Receive advisors’ reports, print them, organize, and present them to the President.
  • Follow up on advisors’ contracts and notify the President of any new developments regarding them.
  • Coordinate visits and make necessary reservations for advisors with the relevant units.
  • Present advisors’ performance evaluation results regularly to them and the President.
  • Disburse advisors’ rewards and follow up on financial matters with the Financial Affairs Department.
  • Determine the office’s needs regarding human resources, equipment, and materials, and follow up on their provision.
  • Determine the training needs of the office staff to nominate them for the appropriate training programs.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the office’s activities, achievements, and proposals to develop performance.
  • Do any other tasks assigned to it within its limits.