Monitoring the financial accounts of self-generated resources of university units that have independent accounts according to rules and regulations.

  • Prepare the unit’s activity plans and follow up on their implementation after approval.
  • Implement the Financial Committee’s recommendations regarding the mechanism for disbursing the university needs to manage the extrabudgetary expenses of the university.
  • Audit revenue and expenses of all independent accounts following accounting principles and standards at the university.
  • Review disbursement authorizations and accounting restrictions necessary to prove expenses and revenue.
  • Audit financial statements and final calculations and present them to the President.
  • Prove unresolved financial notes and suggest ways to resolve them.
  • Analyze financial statements periodically to discover strengths and weaknesses and understand the financial situation of self-generated resources.
  • Suggest possible investments for the university.
  • Identify the unit’s needs for human resources, devices, and materials and follow up on their provision.
  • Identify the training needs of the unit’s staff to nominate them for appropriate training programs.
  • Prepare periodic reports on the unit’s activities, achievements, and performance development proposals.
  • Do any other tasks assigned to it within its limits.