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Northern Border University

Northern Border University

The Northern Borders Region is located in the northeast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The region gained its importance from The Trans-Arabian Pipeline (Tapline), which dated back to the late 1940s and was implemented by Saudi Aramco in partnership with major international oil companies like "Chevron" and "Texaco." Under that partnership, the Tapline Company was established. It constructed the Tapline, extending from the Arabian Gulf to the Lebanese Sidon Port on the Mediterranean coast. The construction of the Tapline, with a length of 1,664 km, required the presence of oil pumping stations along this line.

About the University

Being the only university in the Northern Borders Region, Northern Border University enjoys a unique position in higher education in Saudi Arabia, which is why it holds the name of this precious region. The university plans are inspired by the region's rich values, culture, history, and location. It also ensures that its Strategic Plan 2020-2025 goes along with the region's rich natural resources, Vision 2030, and with the New University System, guided by the strategic priorities of the Northern Borders Region's Emirate.

The University's History

The Middle College for Girls was established in 1402 AH and served as the foundation of Northern Border University. In 1408 AH, The Middle College for Girls was turned into The Teachers' College, awarding Bachelor's degrees to its students for the first time. The College of Science in Arar and  Rafha's Community College were established to be two branches of King Abdulaziz University in 1426 AH.  

From the North To The Nation

Capitalizing on our Vision 2030, the newly ratified “Saudi Universities Regulations” and soundly grounded on its unwavering commitment to the Northern Border’s Region, NBU introduces its new strategic plan, dubbed – From the North to the Nation: addressing regional priorities through national initiatives! Our new strategic plan will distinguish NBU as a trusted and distinguished institution of higher education in northern Saudi Arabia with an intentional focus on becoming Saudi Arabia’s mining university.

Academic Programs

Diploma and Bachelor's Degree Programs

The university awards diplomas and bachelor's degrees in many scientific and theoretical disciplines with study plans on a high academic level. Obtaining these degrees requires completing the programs’ assigned courses.


Master's Degree Programs

The university offers a number of master's programs in various scientific and theoretical disciplines. It seeks to keep pace with Vision 2030 by developing postgraduate programs that meet the needs of the labor market by the best practices of teaching and learning to reach competitive scientific outputs at all levels.

أخبار الجامعة

30 Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1445
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This is to announce the Dept. of Languages and Translation students that a Guidance and Counseling Unit has been allotted in the Men & Women division to handle individual advising cases.

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تحت رعاية معالي رئيس الجامعة •• أ.د.محمد بن يحيى الشهري •• يسر عمادة شؤون الطلاب ممثلة في إدارة الأنشطة والبرامج أن تعلن عن أنطلاق البطولات الرياضية ضمن فعاليات المهرجان الرمضاني العاشر التسجيل: للطلاب لأفراد المجتمع كافة رابط التسجيل