This service allows you to issue a Student Card to identify students across campus.

The Student Card can be used in:

  • Identify the student across campus.
  • Borrow books from the library.
  • Purchase textbooks from the bookshop.
  • Perform examinations.
  • Obtain Academic Records and Student Verifications
  • Enter restaurants, halls, Stadiums

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كيفية استخدام الخدمة
  • Login Here 
  • Fill in your data (name, college, city...)
  • Upload Profile Photo
  • Submit Request


Issuing a Student Card - Male Students:

Login Here, fill in your information correctly, and attach a headshot in JPG format

Come in in time for your appointment with your National ID (for Saudi Students) and Iqama (for non-Saudi Students) 

Issuing a Student Card - female Students:

The appointment details will be sent to the student via SMS; the student is expected to show up with a printed Acceptance Notice and Identification ( Family Card or National ID for Saudis, Iqama for Non-Saudis)


Issuing a Replacement Student Card:

  • The student will sign a declaration of loss of the original card and undertake to return the card that was replaced upon finding the original on, subject to the penalty if it is proven that it was used or facilitated the use of the cards by another person, the student will give a written statement on the reasons and circumstances of the card loss.
  • Pay a missing fee of SAR 50, and a receipt will be given to the student.


Students: Deanship of Student Affairs,  University Campus

Students: Deanship of Students' Affairs, Collage of Education for Girls

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The service is allowed to all students 

Last Change Date
27 Muharram 1444

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Does this service work outside KSA?

Currently, this service does NOT work outside of KSA. But we are working to make it available from anywhere around the world.

Does this service has a limit?

Yes, this service is limited to only 1 use per user.

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